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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update from the Cape

Well a mini update will have to do today. We spent the day travelling the cape in search of it's lighthouses and we found a few and even managed to climb the spiral stairs and ladder into the actual lantern room. We have many many photos to go through and upload to the blog. I am not sure when we will find the time and the WiFi. The longest would be later this week when we get back to the cabin in North Carolina. In the mean time I will do my best to keep you posted via the iphone. We decided today to head back to Boston tomorrow after the meeting to catch a few more sites including the first lighthouse in America the Boston light which also happens to be the only one still manned by a lightkeeper. We have also been instructed that we have not had Bostons best pizza until we have tried Ernesto's on Salem street so I am looking forward to that. We may also have to stop by Mikes for a few pastries to take with us. If you google "Cannoli" Mikes is the second result right after wikipedia. Now I don't know how good they are from wiki but they are might wikid from Mike's. We only have tomorrow afternoon to spend in Boston as we have to be in Up state New York by tomorrow evening as we have tours planned at Wallkill and Paterson Monday and Tuesday. We are however going to swing through Providence, Rhode Island on our way to Boston after morning meeting here in Sandwich. Sing it with me now...Sandwiches are beautiful, Sandwiches are fine, I like Sandwiches I eat them all the time... Well any who it's off to bed in the back of the van with another full day ahead awaiting that golden globe to arise once again over the deep blue Atlantic.

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