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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 35 - Mission: Carmel, NY via Providence, RI & Boston, MA

We said good-bye to our beautiful & peaceful campground in Sandwich, MA this morning.
We will be making our way to upstate New York for our tours of Patterson & Wallkill. But before officially leaving Massachusetts - we are making the short jaunt back to Boston for a special pizza pie and of course, Mike's Pastry.
Our drive back to Boston took us through Providence, Rhode Island
and being such a small state, we were quickly back in Massachusetts.
Before heading into Boston, we took a short side trip out to see the Boston Light. It is the oldest lighthouse site in the United States, but not the oldest lighthouse. It was rebuilt in 1783. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the coastline, we didn't see the lighthouse. We saw this:
Yep, fog! Socked in fog. The only indication of a lighthouse out on the island, was the repetitive blasts of the fog horn. Fitting.
Oh well, nothing that a cannoli can't fix.
But first a stop at Ernesto's in the North End.
Thanks Charlene, for convincing us to go visit your cousin, Andrea! It was the best pizza hands down, thus far on the trip!
We devoured it, but left room for a few goodies from Mike's.
The photo makes the box look 10 pounds bigger - really.
COLBY! We haven't even left Boston yet! Oh its useless. Who can resist a Whoopie Pie?

Finally in Connecticut, en route to Carmel, NY. Beautiful sunset along the way.
Tomorrow, we tour Patterson - Watchtower Educational Center.

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