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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 25 - Mission: Washington D.C. via Greenbelt, Maryland

We set off super early this morning for Washington DC & Greenbelt, MD - where we will be camping during our stay.
We drove through Tennessee before the sunrise
& made it into Virginia in the early morning.
(I think this is the prettiest state welcome sign yet)
We had to stop for a nap break shortly after driving into Virginia.
We stopped here for lunch - the Pink Cadillac.
It was a cute 50's style diner with a theme centered on Elvis. Colby had a yummy hamburger & fries, I had a comforting tuna sandwich & chips.
You know you have been driving too long and across too much land when things like this become funny:
We drove past many famous Civil War battlefields on our way through Virginia.
Suddenly traffic got heavy again and we entered Maryland.
We located our campground and found a spot. In this park, the big warning was not for venomous caterpillars, but an infestation of ticks & chiggers. Colby was on edge especially.
We spent most of the afternoon trying to update our blog at a local Starbucks. Then had dinner at a University of Maryland hangout - the Mosaic Cafe - for Persian food.
Tomorrow we will head out on the metro for the first day tour of DC.

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