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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 36 - Mission: Patterson, NY

We arrived late last night in Carmel, NY at Clarence Fahnstock State Park. We will be switching campsites for the night tonight. Our campsite last night was very steep and it made it difficult to sleep.
We arrived at Patterson about 45 minutes before dinner (or lunch as we know it).
In the lobby, a model of the temple in Jesus' Day as rebuilt and enlarged by Herod the Great (scale 1:200).
Thanks again to Michael and Melissa for coordinating plans with your brother Stephen. Many thanks to Stephen for inviting us for the meal and giving us a tour of the translation services department.
We also got to see Sophia's brother Skylar for a few minutes.
After dinner (lunch) we took a full tour.
Beautiful paintings of scenes of Biblical teaching, appropriate since Patterson is teaching facility.
Photo-op spot by the fountain
Gilead Missionary School
more education
Laundry - super organized and efficient
Dining room
Maintenance & Construction
Art Department
Writing Correspondence
Service Department
& Translation.
There is also an audio visual department, that handles all of the recordings of the publications and videos, including sign language videos. (It is a very busy department that is in use much of the time, making it difficult to give tours in that area.)
What an encouraging and educational day!
Tomorrow will be fun filled again, with our tour of Watchtower Farms at Wallkill.

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