Journey of a Lifetime


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 13 - Mission: Family Dinner, Part 2

Another shorter post for today.
We arrived in Merritt Island, Florida late last night after leaving Disney World. A tour of Merritt Island with a stop at the World's Largest RonJon store courtesy of Cathi & Jim.

My Aunt Joann & Uncle Bob bravely & kindly took on the task of another family dinner. And again, it was so nice to see everyone - Cousin's, their spouses, their kids.... It was a regular Gunn Family Reunion.

The newer additions to the family Daisy, Heather, Robbie & I also met "Jen Jr." - if you know my family, not so coincidentally there are at least two of almost every name. Poor kid got stuck with mine (even if it is a variation) - HA!
This is my 100 year old Grandpa, who probably will out live us all!

Late afternoon, the guys went out fishing & unfortunately the fish were not biting.

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