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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 29 - Mission: Manhattan, NY

After getting over the sticker shock of New Jersey, we arrived very late in Jersey City. We found our way out to Liberty Harbor RV Park - which was basically a big parking lot. It was actually not that bad, well except for the bathroom/shower house. It was the closest RV park to Manhattan & at $40 a night, you can't beat it. Oh and the sunrise wasn't bad either.
Today, our goal was to see as much of Manhattan & New York City as possible. As you will see, we almost did it all. (My feet hurt!!!!) Oh yea, and I woke up with a raging sore throat.

We were completely lost in getting into New York, but a very nice local lady helped us out. Turns out, it's a short walk from our RV park to the PATH station - New Jersey's metro. For our Canadian readers - notice who makes them?
It dropped us off at none other than WTC Ground Zero.
The new World Trade Center Tower is going up rapidly. The crews work around the clock. We stopped by the Visitors Center and saw the plans for the memorials - two giant square waterfalls cascading down into the sunken ground. (Not sure if I am on board with that one. It's a bit disturbing.)

We were SO turned around, it took us a while to get our bearings. Next stop, Money Central:
Wall Street
The New York Stock Exchange
Trump Building
Tiffany & Co
& the famous Bull. (Colby had to practically wrestle some Asian ladies for his chance at a photo next to it - apparently internationally famous.)
Next up, China Town - where we had great Chinese Food, 5 items for $5.
& Little Italy - we sampled a cannoli & a slice of pie, pizza pie that is.
Only in Little Italy.
I don't even want to think about how much the VW van is paying for that primo Manhattan parking spot.
A stroll through SOHO. (Alas, no shopping, though)

By this point we were becoming competent subway travelers & ended up at Grand Central terminal.
And what looked like a short walk to the Empire State Building, was not. It's 6 New York blocks.
Scratch this one off the Choose Your Own Adventure Series.
We jumped back on the subway for the Upper West Side and accidentally took the express, which stopped at the edge of Harlem (apparently still subway novices).
We made it into the Upper West Side & I kept hearing a specific theme song running through my head....
"Sun-ny day, sweepin' the clouds a-way, On my way, to where the air is sweet...Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street".
Complete with corner produce stands,
And....wait a minute, this ones from the wrong show!! 10 points for everyone who can guess this one.

Another Choose Your Own Adventure winner: Central Park
This especially is one of those places I have always wanted to visit.

Another subway ride,
to Rockefeller Center
NBC Studios
Radio City Music Hall
Another nod in the direction of Canada,
Dinner - another slice & an expensive one.
Dessert? NO! The best candy store EVER!
m&m World
We had fun in here.
You are what you eat? (I see the resemblance - Oh Colby!)

As we walked closer and closer, the lights got brighter and brighter.
Yep, Times Square - this place is insane! That's 3 Choose Your Own Adventures in one day - practically a world record I bet.
Our real dessert - Junior's Cheesecake. Sigh.

A few trains & we were back in Jersey City. I still feel sick and my feel are insanely sore!!
Tomorrow = More Walking = Brooklyn & 25 Columbia Heights

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