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Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 19 - Mission: Savannah, GA & Lake Aire Campground

Last night was rough. We stayed at Anastasia State Beach which was BEAUTIFUL!

But we were informed that the campground was infested with stinging & venomous caterpillars, yes caterpillars. So we had to sleep with all of the windows shut in the van because of the sheer number of the bugs. It was so terribly humid outside too - the windows open would have only helped minimally. We wanted to wake up early & see the sunrise so we both only slept about 4 hours each. But the sunrise was well worth the lack of sleep.

A stop in Jacksonville for breakfast at the Waffle House - the grits were delicious!

A random tour around Amelia Island, Florida in search of a non-existent old pirate village (that's the last time we listen to the locals).
Today we are headed off to tour Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island & finally stopping for the night in Charleston, South Carolina.

Savannah was a really interesting place.

The city has at least 12 squares situated throughout the old town. We toured Chippawa Square which is named to commemorate the battle of Chippewa, Canada 1813.

The statue in the middle of this square is James Oglethorpe who founded the colony of Georgia in 1733.
Right next to it, we passed by this church and just had to take this picture.

Look closely, yep, there it is, God's personal name - Jehovah, engraved on the I Presbyterian Church.
Another cool thing we stumbled upon was this:

the Paula Deen store
and subsequently stumbled upon this:

the Lady & Son's - Paula Deen's restaurant
We shared the Fried Green Tomatoes & the Crab Stew - it was SO SO SO delicious!
Some sites on Riverfront Street:

Cable Car

Cobblestone Streets

Tug Boats

Candy Stores with fresh Salt Water Taffy
We headed out to Tybee Island to see the lighthouse there. I wish we could have vacationed for a week here - it was such a cute little town.

This light could possibly usurp the St. Augustine light for beauty. The fact that it was much easier to photograph helped too.
Then we were off for our final stop for the night, Hollywood, South Carolina

& Lake Aire RV Park & Campground. We had an epiphany & bought screen material to cover the windows of the van allowing us to sleep much more comfortably.

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