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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 27 - Mission: Washington DC, Part 2

This morning, we off on the Metro to DC again. We started off at the Library of Congress - I have to admit Colby was dragging his feet on this one, and my reasoning "Babe, it has over 30 million books!" didn't seem to impress him.
Until we got inside and then he was impressed. It's like the Sistine Chapel in there.
We were able to see a Guttenberg Bible.
I also found one of my new favorite quotes here:
"I cannot live without books." - Thomas Jefferson

After the Library, we went outside for a view of the Capitol Building.
It was a short walk to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.
I have a small obsession with bi-planes. (Riding in one is on MY bucket list.)
Lunar Lander
Charles Lindberg's Spirit of St. Louis
U.A.V.'s also known as drones...much larger than I imagined.
I know, I know...another bi-plane.
They were hosting some large event that evening, so many of the exhibits were closing off early.

We walked by the Smithsonian Castle - here you have a view from the Capitol to the Washington Monument.
We tried to make it to the Holocaust Museum, but the tour book we were using had incorrect hours. So we will plan to visit that tomorrow before our trip to New Jersey.

We were so close to the Jefferson Memorial (or at least we thought we were - its actually about 1/2 mile away) so we walked to it. I think this is about the time, my feet started to go numb. We had done so much walking already and wouldn't be stopping for at least 3 more days.
At least it was a beautiful walk along the tidal basin,
with up close views of budding cherry trees.
Who knew Thomas Jefferson was this tall?

We had dinner at the Elephant & Castle - a Canadian pub & restaurant. I had fish & chips and some sort of pirate beer...."Heavy Seas" by Clipper City Brewing - local to Maryland. It was yum!
I wanted to get some pictures of Washington DC at night. So after heading back to the car, we drove right back into the city. It is not an easy thing to get pictures of these landmarks at night - we actually had to park and walk to the Lincoln Memorial again. But I think it was well worth the effort on a few of them.
When we walked over to the White House, we found out the Obama's don't keep the front porch light on. At least not that night. Some large function was being held on the lawn.
But on the way back to the car, we got to see a creepy bubble wrap couple with no heads.
Driving home through the DC area was surreal. Nobody sleeps in this town. It was after 11pm and the streets of Chinatown & Georgetown were bustling!

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