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Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 20 - Mission: Charleston, SC & Franklin, NC

So we will start off with today's recap with some humor. Anyone remember the SNL classic with Matt Foley's words of wisdom....
We have fulfilled them - "Living in a van - down by the river!"

And remember our bug solution? Here it is in all its glory...
(don't worry we take them down every morning, so we haven't sunk that low...yet.)

This was the campground we stayed at in Hollywood, SC - just outside of Charleston.
And it was full of a variety of wildlife...
Yes - that is a snake.
And I do believe this is "THE Ugly Duckling" - a face only a mother could love.

This morning we were off to see the sights of Charleston and then on to North Carolina.
It was very busy in town today - it being a Saturday, so we started off at the Market.
Historically - this place had a sullied past, but now it is as advertised in the sign above. We stopped at a chocolate shop here in town and she recommended a walk down to the battery. (This again is the last time we listen to the locals....this was no short jaunt, but rather a few miles in the heat & humidity of South Carolina.)
When we arrived we had a clear view of Fort Sumter & Civil War history.
It was long walk back to where we parked at the market, but the architecture in Charleston is amazing. We won't bore you with all the photos of restored homes & ironwork. Except for this one...look closely - see the red heart?
(Now, how do I remove the color in the rest of the photo around it?)
We crossed this beautiful bridge by accident last night. (This has become a popular design for bridges on the East Coast - another one in Savannah, Georgia)
We missed our first state sign, North Carolina, and it must have been because we were to busy admiring the beauty around us as we drove by. It is just BEAUTIFUL in western North Carolina. We are very much looking forward to the few days ahead, out of the heat & humidity among the wooded Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.

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