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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 34 - Mission: Cape Cod, MA

More sights of Cape Cod was on our agenda for today.
We started off in Sandwich, where we are staying. It is the oldest town on Cape Cod and it is a beautiful one. The houses are so unique and so many of them have star fish poised in their windows - really cute. Our first stop was Sandwich Glass Museum.
We learned all about colored glass, glass blowing, and even saw a demonstration.
The finished product
Did you know that to make red glass they used to put gold in it? Or bright canary yellow glass was made with radioactive uranium?

Afterward, we were on our way out to see the Chatham light, built in 1877.
Because they are built on cliffs, the lighthouses in Massachusetts are usually smaller than ones in other parts of the country. This one is just under 50 feet. We even got to climb up into the light tower of this one.
There used to be two lighthouses at this site, but one fell from the eroding cliff in December 1879.
We stopped in Orleans for fish & chips at this place. It was so good!
Then, much to Colby's dismay, we were off to another lighthouse. (Obsess much, Jen?)
This one called the Nauset light, built in 1877 had to be moved back from the 70 foot cliff in 1996.
These three tiny lighthouses are called the Three Sisters and are not far from the Nauset light.
These 3 wooden towers replaced the original brick structures in 1892. They stood 150 feet apart. They were decommissioned and eventually moved here and away from the eroding beach. The multiple lights at different harbors made it easy for sailors to distinguish which harbor it was.

I gave Colby a rest from the lighthouses and we headed into Hyannis for some snacks and shopping.
Later we made our way back to Sandwich and had dinner here. Colby had delicious prime rib for $10!!! Can't beat that!
Colby took this picture of us snug as bugs in the back of the van. I am frankly surprised that he was smiling still after enduring my obsession.
Tomorrow, we head back to New York. But apparently we will be making a detour back to the North End - something about pizza and pastry?

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